Errol Donald

Wednesday 13th


Echoes of an Era


Errol Donald is a London-based brand and marketing professional, and business mentor. He is also a member of European graffiti collective, The Chrome Angelz (TCA).

He is committed to cultural leadership through education and the arts and regularly shares his experiences at events and in schools, where he collaborates with educators, practicing artists, and students.

Formed in 1985, The Chrome Angelz spent a brief, yet productive and highly influential period in the public eye. Their approach to developing a distinctly European aesthetic resulted in a number of high- profile paintings and collaborations with artists inside and outside the world of Graffiti art and Hip Hop culture. Their meeting with Subway Art author Henry Chalfant would prove fruitful as their appearance in the follow up book ‘Spraycan Art’ introduced them to a global audience.

His formal design training at Camberwell School of Art allowed him to experiment with, and develop personal approaches within the then burgeoning, European graffiti scene.

Camberwell's multi-disciplinary environment provided the perfect space to explore the technical and creative opportunities offered by graffiti art. Before his studies had confirmed his particular commitment to the letterform, Errol had long been fascinated by the visual presentation of letters, and in particular, their ability to both inform and express different aspects of culture.

At heart, he is a passionate creative who continues to explore areas of art, education, society while maintaining a robust commitment born out of, and inspired by, graffiti art and writing culture.